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New Model Majorelle NewpharIn 1991 was born the first private firm from Romania specialized in producing and shaping multistratum chemically engraved glass, named Stilart. Meanwhile the investment was finished and one year after the establishment, the first glass charge was extracted from the new oven and the first glassware items were made. Inspired by world art, particularly from the French one at the beginning of the century, the craftsmen (blowers, painters etc.) achieved to succeed in approaching or even exceeding the works of the great artists: Galle, Muller etc. Applying the same techniques used by Galle in Nancy School the artists from Stilart imposed themselves through their products at many internationals exhibitions. Their appreciated wares have gone in many countries of the world. Behind the signature, behind all the items made by Stilart, behind the quality, there are the efforts and the work of a creator's staff, artists, blowers, who are deeply involved in their activity. They became experts in this technology that their vases, lamps, and ceiling-lamps are paintings where anyone's eyes loose in the perspective of the nature. Thus, in the creation moments, the satisfaction that derives from the appreciation of these is represented by the extent and future estimations.

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